Kazmer Services: Plastics Research & Technical Consulting

Kazmer Services

This site is intended to provide an overview of all Kazmer Services including sponsored research at University of Massachusetts Lowell and technical consulting through Kazmer Research LLC. Each approach has own advantages and disadvantages as indicated in the table below; click the table headers for further information.

 Sponsored Research Technical Consulting
  • Access to all of UML’s resources, including facilities, doctoral students, and Prof. David Kazmer.
  • Lower cost of research performance than internal staffing or most other research universities.
  •  Direct access to Dr. David Kazmer with timely performance of consulting activities.
  • Fewer issues pertaining to control of intellectual property and proprietary information.
  •  Potentially long lead-times, depending on the scope of work and urgency.
  • Legal overhead, including potential loss of intellectual property control.
  •  Only external access to UML’s Core Research Facility, and no access to other UML resources or students.
  • Higher hourly consulting rate.

Non-Technical Services

David Kazmer has also provided many services including editorial review, educational outreach, professional societies, and non-profit work. Please see his curriculum vitae in the archive for further information.